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Skateboarding, PE and After-School Clubs​


Skateboarding has become increasingly popular within recent years.
At Learn to Skateboard, we offer the opportunity for you to have an after-school skateboard club at your school or organisation.


We supply each student with a skateboard and full protective equipment. A professional skateboard instructor will instruct pupils in anything from the absolute basics, up to more advanced manoeuvres and tricks, for a minimum of a one hour session. All our instructors have many years of teaching experience and are DBS cleared.

Skateboarding can help the development of pupils in many different ways. Primarily, there is the benefit of an hours cardiovascular activity, which can help tackle the increasing problem of obesity that faces the young. Along with this, there is the development of their inter-personal and social skills. As they progress with a new activity along with fellow pupils they learn, amongst other things, about co-operative learning and sportsmanship. 

Skateboarding can also appeal to pupils that may usually avoid more mainstream contact or sports, as it is an activity that relies on pushing yourself and progressing at your own pace, without the risk of inadvertently letting down team mates.


Many skateboarders go on to develop a keen interest in other aspects associated with the sport such as photography, videography, graphic and web design, as they are intrinsically linked in the documentation and exhibition of skateboarding.


Breakfast Clubs


There are many parents in the situation where they have to drop their children off at school early, as they have to be at work before 9:00am.

Many schools offer a Breakfast club facility for pupils to attend before regular lessons begin. From the start of the next spring term we are beginning a new service called Skatefast Club, which is a morning skateboard session to cater for these pupils The benefits of a club like this are shown in recent scientific studies that state, along with a balanced, nutritional breakfast, pupils who engage in physical activity in the morning were more attentive and well behaved that pupils who had not.


If you think this is something that your school would be interested in starting, please drop us an email and we will get back to you with any information you need.

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Please do not hesitate to send us an email with any enquiry you may have.

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